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Human hair and Synthetic
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10 Summer Hair Care Tips
Consider some of these basic tips for preventing unnecessary damage and having great summer hair:
                                            1.  Give your tresses a summer shampoo break.  
Shampoo less often to allow hair to absorb it’s natural oils.  Consider switching to a more moisturizing and overall gentle shampoo formula
2.  Go natural.
During summer months when hair tends to be moisture deprived, limit use of hair chemicals (bleach, hair color, relaxers, chemical straigteners) as much as possible.  Consider switching to hair care products which are as natural as possible. 
3.  Back off heated hair styling tools
If you normally use hot styling tools (blow dryers, hot irons, rollers), give your hair a rest during summer months. Air dry whenever possible or opt for easy chic styles. 
Braid damp tresses waves which create natural waves as the hair air dries.  Play with half up/half down styles.
4.  Schedule deep conditioning treatments
Hair regularly exposed to the sun needs regular deep conditioning treatments and moisture replenishment. 
Keep in mind some hair care products designed to add shine, may only add shimmer, but not necessarily add moisture. Be sure to read all ingredients on the hair product labels to understand what benefits the product is designed to provide to your strands.
5.  Treat fragile ends with TLC
Jojoba oil applied to the ends of your strands will help soften them.  Jojoba oil works wonders on frizzy hair.  Jojoba oil can also be utilized as a pre-shampoo treatment or applied to dry strands for protection throughout the day.
6.  Use protection
Hanging out in the sun without protection for your hair and scalp is the worst thing you can do. Use leave in hair products with SPF protection when you know you will be at the beach if you're unwilling to wear a hat or a cover-up.
7.  Cover up
When you find yourself out in the sun, the beach or at the pool without pre-planning, reach for a hat to cover delicate strands.
Remember to buy a hat which allows for proper air circulation and blood flow. 
8.   Religiously trims your ends
Be religious about your trims. Since summer sun can rob moisture from your hair, make sure you have your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks during the summer months. When your ends are fizzy, its a sure sign that they are either damaged, split or both.
9.  Block frizz
When the summer heat is hottest contain potential frizz by wearing hair up in a knot, bun or braids.  Or combine a cute side braid with a chic cap or hat to keep tresses covered.
10.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
While it's important to amp up your moisturizing and conditioning duties during summer months, remember to keep your roots and hair hydrated from the inside out. 
Drink plenty of liquids to keep roots and strands flush with fluids.  Water will also keep your skin soft and plump.  While it's tempting to drink ice cold alcoholic drinks keep in mind that they can dehydrate skin and strands.  Water is always the best choice for your tresses.
Summary Prevention is always the best action for your hair.  Take care of your hair during the summer and you won't have to spend the Fall and Winter working to repair it. 
                              WAYS TO WEAR YOUR HAIR TO THE GYM
Avoiding exercise because of concerns about hair looking a mess afterward is common practice. These concerns can be eliminated by wearing an exercise-friendly hair style when you go to the gym. 
*Keeping your hair pulled back, away from your face and neck, prevents hair from becoming damaged and disheveled by the water and salt from your perspiration.  
*Leave your hair in the ponytail after exercise until you feel the moisture in your hair has dried.
*Ponytail- Any discussion of gym-friendly hair styles would be incomplete without this classic. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length, wear a headband to keep any wayward strands from slipping out of the coated elastic band and into your eyes. This style works for any hair type, provided it is long enough to be pulled back.  
* BraidedPonytail-   This twist on the classic ponytail keeps hair more secure and is better for  keeping long strands from flying into your face and sticking to your neck and back. Simply pull hair back into a high ponytail, then braid the entire length of the ponytail and secure the braid at the bottom with a coated elastic band. This style is ideal for people with fine, straight hair that tends to work its way loose from other hair styles.  
* Bun-   Ballerinas provide the inspiration for this gym-ready hairdo. This style does the best job of keeping long hair off your face, neck and back. Pull hair back into a ponytail, grasp it and twist until it is tight. Then wrap the entire length of the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail, and secure hair using a coated elastic band or bobby pins. To make this style even more secure, use a braided ponytail. Curly hair is most easily secured using this hair style.   
* Braid-   If your hair is long and has a tendency to become frizzy, this style is ideal. Separate your hair into three equal sections, and interweave them by alternately crossing the right and left sections over the middle section of hair. Secure the braid with a coated elastic band. This style can be advantageous if you perform exercises while lying on your back, since it doesn't create a bulge on the back of your head like a ponytail or a bun.   
* BraidedPigtails-   This youthful style has all the benefits of a braid, as well as the additional advantage of keeping hair off of your neck and back. To create braided pigtails, separate your hair into two equal sections down the middle of your scalp. Braid both of these sections, and secure them with coated elastic bands. This style can work on most types of hair.    
* HeadbandIf your hair is too short to pull back, this style may be your only option. Headbands come in a multitude of varieties, all of which help to prevent hair from flying into your face while you exercise. A thick coated elastic band that wraps all the way around your hair will do the best job of securing hair. Headbands can be used in conjunction with any hair style to further secure hair while you are at the gym.   
In the end not only will your hair look great but your body will too!
Happy Exercising! 
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