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Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to get hair extensions but you’re afraid you’ll end up bald, ugly and flat broke when it’s all over, and that’s exactly what could happen if you don’t do your homework.  However, there is a way to have long beautiful hair without damaging your own.  Our techniques date back to the early Egyptians and were only worn by royalty such as Cleopatra.  This method was passed down through generations and remains today as one of the safest and most effective secrets to weaving your hair. 
Contrary to popular belief Hair Weaves do not take your hair out! When this client first sat in my chair her hair was approximately 2-3 inches. After only three short years her hair is…well you can see for yourself. In essence, HAIR WEAVES, when DONE PROPERLY actually aide in the growth and condition of your hair.




"Free Consultations and Financing Available"
Weaves and Extensions give women many options.  Not all women get them because they want long cascading hair or because their hair is damaged and there is nothing else they can do.  Most of my extension wearing clients have healthy hair and do the weaving for convenience and flexibility. 
These clients wanted a short sassy hair style but didn't want to cut her hair.....
SOLUTION:  I did  short hair weaves and gave them their short sassy hair styles!
*Wefted Sew-In Weave/ Full head........300.00-up
*By the Row.................................................40.00
*Take Down/full.................................................75.00 
*If kept in longer than 4 months...................120.00
*Micro Links/Fullhead…..…………….....650.00-up
*By the Row................................................60.00
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  My clients have been asking for a payment plan they could live with.  No interest charges for the first six months and
I am offering substantial discounts so take advantage of the savings!
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Extensions- Full Head Wefted
Includes everything you need to walk out the door looking and feeling fabulous!.
Price: $550.00 $510.00
Extensions Only
Please come ready to be braided.
Price: $350.00
Six sets of Extensions
One Year of "Everything you need to walk out the door looking and feeling fabulous!
Price: $3,240.00 $2,940.00
Six- Realxer, Trim, Conditioner and Style
One year of relaxers if done every 8 weeks
Price: $600.00 $510.00
24 Shampoo, Condition, Style
bi-weekly = one year
Price: $1,440.00 $1,320.00
52 Shampoo, Condition, Style
Once a week this will last one year and you'll save $$ in the process
Price: $3,120.00 $2,860.00
6 Sets of Extensions plus 17 Shampoo, Condition, Style
1 year's worth of extensions and a shampoo blow-dry every 3 weeks
Price: $4,260.00 $3,870.00
Extensions (half and half) The Works
Pay half in cash and finance the rest.
Price: $270.00 $250.00
24 Press and Curl
1 years worth of bi-weekly Press and Curl, Condition and Flat Iron
Price: $1,680.00 $1,550.00
12 Press and Curl
6 months worth of bi-weekly Press, Curl, Condition and Flat Iron
Price: $840.00 $780.00
Full Head, Shampoo, Trim, Style
Includes the above mentioned.
No extension removal!
Price: $420.00
Price: $375.00 $350.00
Price: $145.00 $130.00
The Rhonda-Lew
Full Head + Deep Condition/Steam
Price: $325.00
Must be approved 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment to take advantage payment plan
10 Tips To Maintain Your Weave
A hair weave requires careful maintenance otherwise; you'll ruin it much before its time. You need to be careful right from combing to washing it. Some of the ten common tips you should keep in mind while dealing with weaved hair are as follows: 
1. Use good quality hair.  It may cost more in the beginning but it will save you money in the end and it will look more like your own hair.
2. To comb weaved hair you should start. from the end and then gradually move upwards to the base.
3. Brush out all tangles before you shampoo your hair and rinse between the tracks to remove any residues.
4. Always use mild water while washing the hair, as too hot or too cold water may lock the hair at the base.
5. Use moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and leave-in as opposed to protein conditioners.
6. Visit your professional for hair care and makesure you do not skip regular tightening touch-ups.

7. Use a silk or satin scarf to wrap up your hair.
8. During blow-drying, you may have to apply higher temperature to straighten and dry the wavy/curly hair.
9. If you plan on swimming, braid your hair and use a swim cap or spray the hair by applying a moisturizing conditioner before going in.
10. Have your hairstylist remove your weave.
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